The Rise & Rise of Ali

Our Principal Financial Planner, Anwer Ali Mohammed is featured in The Indian Weekly, one of the prominent Indian Australian weekly magazines.

Read Ali's inspirational story from a Technician in the Indian Air Force to being nominated as a rising star among young Financial Planners in Australia.


Newsletter - January 2020

In this edition we discuss How to Grow your Superannuation Fund in the New Year and provide you with information on How to Choose right Investment options for your Super Fund and Creating Realistic Financial goals.

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Five charts to watch regarding the global economy and markets this year

Shares are at risk of a short-term correction or consolidation after a strong run over the last year and with sentiment now very bullish. However, this year should still see good returns for investors as global growth edges up and interest rates remain low. > Five key global charts to watch are: global business conditions PMIs; global inflation; the US yield curve; the US dollar; and global trade growth. > So far so good, with PMIs improving a bit, inflation remaining low, the yield curve steepening, the $US showing signs of topping and the US/China trade truce auguring well for some pick up in world trade growth.

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Bushfires and the Australian economy

The Australian bushfire season that began in September has been horrific with more than 7 million hectares of bush destroyed, more than 25 deaths, significant loss of livestock, estimates of more than a billion wildlife animals killed and more than 1800 homes destroyed. More than 200 fires are still burning. Following the intensification of the bushfires over the Christmas/New Year period attention has now turned to the impact on the economy. This note looks at the key impacts.

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Oliver's Insights - December 2019

A few of the dynamics that played out around the globe in 2019 give us strong indications of what 2020 might look like. Here are five of the themes that I think will dominate the economic and investment landscape over the next twelve months:

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Newsletter - December 2019

Our articles cover a range of topics which we hope you will find interesting. We aim to keep you informed of changes as they happen, but we also want to provide ideas to help you live the life you want – now and in the future.

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Learn about refinancing your home loan and how it can save you money

Even if you secured a competitive package when you first took out your home loan, it’s worth reviewing each year1 to ensure the interest rates, fees and features continue to meet your needs. By refinancing you may be able to pay off your home loan sooner.

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Capital Edition - Strength in unity

In this month’s issue we discuss how: James Maydew believes that having culture and strategy on the same blueprint is an absolute imperative climate change is impacting the real estate sector, and how leaders and businesses are standing up to the task of tackling it Julie-Anne Mizzi uses her innate passion for investing in infrastructure for those who need it, and the familiar airport retail experience is set for a makeover.

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Oliver's insights - Review of 2019, outlook for 2020 - the beat goes on

2019 saw growth slow, recession fears increase and the US trade wars ramp up, but solid investment returns as monetary policy eased, bond yields fell and demand for unlisted assets remained strong. 2020 is likely to see global growth pick up with monetary policy remaining easy. Expect the RBA to cut the cash rate to 0.25% and to undertake quantitative easing. Against this backdrop, share markets are likely to see reasonable but more constrained & volatile returns, and bond yields are likely to back up resulting in good but more modest returns from a diversified mix of assets. The main things to keep an eye on are: the trade wars; the US election; global growth; Chinese growth; and fiscal versus monetary stimulus in Australia.

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Client Newsletter - November 2019

Over the past few months we have been revisiting our Brand, our Value Proposition and how we can help you achieve your goals. As part of this process we have changed our name and revamped our Logo. In this edition we discuss “How to stay Financially well” and provide you with information on “Superannuation Changes” and “How to Reboot your Retirement”.

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Newsletter - October 2019

Welcome to the latest edition of our client newsletter, In this edition we discuss The Impact of extra Mortgage Repayments and provide you with information on Boost Savings on Compound Interest and Resist today, Relax tomorrow.

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Newsletter September 2019

In this edition we discuss Spending money in a Cashless World and provide you with information on How to save money for Emergency and Dealing with being asset rich and cash poor.

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